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Splash Ice Clothing

Structured Cotton T | IceyClique Cali

Structured Cotton T | IceyClique Cali

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100% Structured Cotton T

It's the Icey Clique! If you love beautiful palm trees, outdoor activities or kickin' it on the beach.. Then this is definitely meant for you. Reminding you of where you wanna be in life later on. Treat this art and many others as a form of manifestation giving you the feeling that you're already there..

This shirt gives a medium-weight feel. It's spacious around the armhole area to minimize the changers of yellow birds.

After following the wash instruction on the neck label, I recommend that you iron it inside out; to bring the appearance back as close to the mint condition look as possible.

Male Model is wearing a Medium (Orange)

Make Model 2 is wearing a Large (Mint)


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