What’s Splash Ice?

 A lifestyle for one who could call home. A collective of storytelling art. A testament to creatives to keep creating and to those who simply exercise their imaginative thought process; while Smiling in Confidence...

Never stop.. Keep going.

21 years ago, I made a decision to make clothes I can wear proudly on a daily basis; instead of focusing on buying into the hype.

I started off creating little cartoon doodles. Dreaming that one day, these old cartoons will come to life. Lighting up my inner-child’s eyes with love and reassurance that one day all your dreams will soon come true.. You just have to stick around, keep going until you catch them. 

The more I look at my work, the more ideas I grasp from it. Creating mini stories and aspirations through my artwork, placing gentle reminders of our desires and where we see ourselves at. As I grow wiser and push forth to my greatness..

Splash Ice is a Legacy growing worldwide right in front of you.

Splash Ice is a symbolic reminder to be formless and flow like water, be calm and centered as you continue to Smile in Confidence & Catch your Dreams.

High-End Street Loungewear is the foundation. Stemming from the root of our style of fashion, we embody simplistic art, flashy but subtle designs, breathe taking scenes & art of all forms. Showing admiration to the hip-hop, sports, motor cultures just to name a few while still giving off old money/soul vibe like aesthetics.

Splash Ice is a forever growing family of individuals who value the willingness to evolve, learn, build self-care to where you feel so good, you’d just want to pay it forward because when we’re feeling our best, we have the ability to lift and empower one another to catch our dreams together, not just chase them anymore.

We achieve more when we move as a village…