What's Up SiC! 0002

What's Up SiC! 0002

IceyBob, who the hell is IceyBob?

Welcome back SiC Members, lets get straight to the point.

What and who is this blue square looking monster thing plastered all over the Splash Ice website?

Well ladies and gentlemen, this square monster looking thing is Icey Bob, The Face of Splash Ice Clothing. Your beloved clothing mascot with so much simplicity, but packed full with significance and meaning that will relate to your everyday life as you continue to read on.

Icey Bob was born back in Winter of 2011. Overtime, the creation grew with new meanings and significance every time I took a glance at it.

When IceyBob was created, there was no specific target market when he came into the picture. It was for anyone who could look at simplistic art under a different light. 

Now before I dive deeper into the juicy part of this concept..

Lemme put you up on game about something.

If I were to ask you to tell me what this logo looks like to you, what would you tell me?

Take your time and tell me what you see before you finish reading this...



            If your answer was an ice cube with a cracked smile, then you’re absolutely right!

But be honest though, what was your real answer? A blue monster? A marshmallow? Or was it something totally different? (Lemme know in the comment section)

    Either way, did you realize what I just made you do with no effort on my end?

That’s right, I had you tap into your imaginative mindset. This is what the brand does for you! 

Splash Ice Clothing exercises your Imaginative Thought Process.

So, lets go back and take a look at IB's eyes, shall we? Notice how his eyes are oddly shaped. 

What does this mean?

The uneven shaped eyes show significance of Imperfection. In this life we live in, nothing is truly perfect. Pure and Simple. We are here to learn and understand that everything is significant in its own way no matter what it is. Most importantly, we are here to appreciate what's already been created and accept it with open arms because within this club, this family, this community; we do not diminish nor do we discriminate. We are blessed to know that every individual or thing has something special about them on this earth and it takes a wise, understanding and loving individual to see that; especially when we correlate it with our imagination.

Take a look at his body. There's two symbolizations here. The first symbol is that he's made into a ice cube to symbolize the vibe of being chill and relaxed, but most importantly, he's a square. And you know what they say about squares.. They're sharp on all four corners. The second observation is the color. A special blue that symbolizes Trust, Strength and remaining Calm. 

Lets move on to the last part, the Cracked Smile. Do you remember me mentioning how IceyBob's appearance was going to relate to our everyday lives? Well this is it..

The cracked smile symbolizes Our Everyday Life. As what the wise ones would say, life is nothing but ups and downs. Everyday, we continue to have our smiles and frowns and our ups and downs, but we still live on to make it through another day. That's why when you take another look at Icey's smile, you'll notice at the end, its slightly pointed in the upwards direction. Again, reason being is because:

Life is nothing but ups and downs but at the end of the day, we will always have a reason to end up smiling. 

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