First Message of 2024..

First Message of 2024..

You’ve been great.. 

Many of you that I’ve spoken too; sounds like you’re off to a great start and I’m applauding you from the nosebleeds. 👏🏾

Its been a wild turn of events in this journey but look! We made it to 2024! 🥳

I intend to move a lil differently in this space and as it’s becoming more special to me as I sit, here thinking to myself about it being a work night at 1am writing to my SiC Readers out there with ambition and poise to catch their dreams, not just chase them. 

So for now, I’ll keep it brief since I need my rest..

Its official, Splash Ice’s 11th year Anniversary will take place in San Francisco, May 3rd - 5th! More details will be shared when we get closer to Spring time. 

More high end hoodies loved and fabricated will take the main stage throughout the year with 2 special drops! One being on SiCDay and the second one will come out before Winter to celebrate the Year of the Dragon 🐉 

I look forward to posting a bit more consistently in this space and I encourage you to share your insight. 

This is your new home for high-end street loungewear and empowering one another by moving like a village, all while Smiling in Confidence. 

It’s no where but up from here. That goes for everyone out pursuing something that brings them happiness and peace. Let’s keep going.
 Love y’all 🤍💎🩵

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