Opening Day 🙏🏾

It’s a blessed day to be alive.. 

Greetings to all that made it this far into the site. I’m forever grateful for your presence and positive energy. You could be doing a million other things but you chose to stop by and check in. Again I thank you for that. 

Today is a special day because this is the start of a new beginning for Splash Ice! 

At this time, Splash Ice has released its first product called a “SiCSuit”! A hoodie and sweatpants set to keep you fresh and cozy all year round. 
A fun fact about the titles of my products; 
Sophisticated is the name of the artwork. “RichRed” is the name of the color way. 

Many things will be unfolding as we go deeper into 2022 so make sure you create your account and your email is up-to-date!

Exclusive promos and special invitations will be sent to those that make an account. 

Until next time..

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