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SiCTee | SiC City Glaciers "Playoffs"

SiCTee | SiC City Glaciers "Playoffs"

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100% Combed + Ring-Spun Cotton



Relaxed Fit

Wanna loose fit? Go a size up!

Always wash in cold water and Air dry for the best comeback

Awaken your inner Champ with our "SiC City Glaciers" Basketball Playoff Tee
This tee is a tribute to the resilience and determination of the Glaciers.

Formed earlier this Spring ‘23 in San Francisco, CA - this team is gearing up for a triumphant return to the adult league in the Bay Area.

If you’re a hooper, defenders that can’t guard you - that like to hold, will think they caught you, but they actually grabbed the fabric, being forced to let go! Hahaha 😂 #WalkingBucket #BallisLife

Be part of the team’s legacy..
Wear this "SCG" Basketball Playoff Tee as you continue to Smile in Confidence on and off the court. F
eel the resilience and craft your power to score whenever you feel that competitive drive to win at all costs!

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