About Splash Ice

How it all started...

 In 2003, A young boy by the name of Herman Lee George III had a dream of creating his own signature clothing line. That later became the name as we see it now, Splash Ice Clothing est. 2009.

Inspired by those around him in elementary school, his schoolmates flaunted and bragged about how much their parents spent on their expensive clothing. Herman was fully aware about how difficult it was for his mother to put nice clothes on his back and felt strongly about not wanting her to scratch her pockets just to compete with the other students in school to purchase high-end clothing at the time.

The main focus was to express himself in a artistic, yet simplistic way. 

As the years went by and many events became valuable lessons and experiences.. The name Splash Ice became a staple in his legacy. A concrete desire to create a community, a family, a world of like-minded individuals who understands what it means to Smile in Confidence.™️

What does Splash Ice mean?

Splash refers to a term of phrase to compliment one's possession. Using lines like "that's wet!" Need less to say, I like what you have on.

Ice in this realm represents the state of mind of being relaxed or chill. This is not no ordinary clothing brand, S.i.C. is a lifestyle that most of us already live.

This is a virtual landmark that will forever be remembered for its Originality, Ambiguity, Imagination & Simplicity.


 Remember to also keep this in mind when you think about SiC...

Splash Ice Clothing is a brand that keeps the imagination side of your brain thinking.