2023 Projectons

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Simply we're just gonna jump right into this. From here on out, SiCBlogs are to keep you in the loop about everything Splash Ice which include our intentions for the brand/lifestyle, new releases, exclusive drops and hints to Member's Only drops. 


As a growing lifestyle, Splash Ice intends to drop more product in a timely manner even when reality kicks in and attempts to slow me down. Splash Ice intends to grow more of a tailored audience of folks who enjoy color coordination, minimalistic, cozy, upper echelon, urban kind of clothing. 

I like to call it "High-Fashion Urban Loungewear". clothing that can be worn anywhere. This lifestyle brand's main focus is to produce high quality merchandise, build and connect on a high level and continue to give you reasons why our brand is the best to wear to every occasion but of course you're gonna choose where you see fit. All while remembering SiC's biggest motive to keep going no what happens in our lives is that we all choose to.. 

"Smile in Confidence."

At this point, its a one man band when it comes to critical operations and I, Geo would like to set the expectation that I am only human and as a growing young man whose willing to be receptive and learn from the surroundings; I intend to find my groove in running a business effectively and I will not give up on my dream and with everyone's support, i know I'm going to be more than good.

So if you made it this far, you're awesome and you should leave a comment below sharing why you want to be apart of this growing community and I will personally send you something special as a thank you for participating.

Until next time, I'll catch you on the next one...

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